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Lead, Wind Engineering Analytics, Cleantech

At Sentient Science, it’s not just that our toys are cool, which they are, it’s that our tech can benefit the environment and can change the world we work in. It’s that the work you’ll do here is unbelievably unique and incredibly rewarding.  We make the unpredictable, predictable and we do it by bringing data, materials science, physics, and software together.

We build physics-based, DigitalClone models that predict and improve the lifespan of rotating machine parts from wind turbines to helicopters to the rail tracks. Our models reduce costs through prognostics. If you’re flying a helicopter over the ocean, you are going to want to know well in-advance if the engine is going to give out. That’s where we come in.

The opportunity

We are looking for a Lead, Wind Engineering Analytics within our Data Analytics team to solve business problems with scalable solutions. Someone who, ideally, has the technical understanding and experience with operational data from wind turbines (or similar industrial devices/sensors), the coding skills to do data analysis/forensics and build models and the communication skills to gather requirements and work with customers. Essentially we are looking for someone who can apply statistical methods to extract features and explore relationships with other forms of reliability and operational/industrial data. Someone who can play an integral part in our efforts to develop, implement and improve automated quality-control algorithms based on vast, messy repositories of structured and unstructured data.

What’s in it for you

A rare opportunity. We solve problems in the real world. Joining us now, you will be part of the solution as we engineer scalable solutions to further harness wind energy. With one of the largest portfolios for wind engineering in the world, you will gain access to an incredible amount of information and data.

Exposure. You are looking for an opportunity to make a measurable impact in a field the White house takes an interest in. You want to join an award-winning company recognized for innovation. Joining us now means you will gain experience in a customer-facing role (60%) and opportunities to understand how different areas of the company influence and impact your work (40%). We are an elite company working on a global scale, the experience of witnessing your analytics solve business problems is a huge level of professional satisfaction and personal pride.

Team membership. You will be part of a team of problem solvers who know how to get things done. Academics who can apply their knowledge. People who will drop what they are doing to excitedly work on a challenge together.

Superpowers. Not really. But our head office in Buffalo does bear a striking resemblance to the X-Men Mansion.

So, how do we know that’s you? You have:

  • A technical engineering background. You have 5+ years of experience working with SCADA and wind power meteorology datasets, SCADA/HMI historians (  e.g., PI) and other SCADA aggregation databases. Experience working with SCADA data stored in relational and Big Data/cloud platforms (  e.g., AWS, Azure) and familiarity with related technologies is a plus.
  • Proven expertise working with large amounts of data. You have direct experience analyzing, visualizing and deriving conclusions from structured and unstructured SCADA data and other datasets using statistical analyses ( e.g., time-series/pdf analysis, predictive modeling, probability measures, spectral analyses, etc.).
  • Proficiency writing efficient code. You are comfortable using statistical-analysis languages/platforms such as Python, R, MATLAB. Experience with SQL programming and data warehousing systems in an enterprise setting is preferred as is hands-on experience with shell scripts (e.g., bash, csh, etc.) in a Linux cloud environment.
  • Clear communication skills. You are comfortable presenting complex data, mathematical findings and business solutions to a range of inter-disciplinary stakeholders.
  • A hunger for new information. You are a life-long learner, seeking new information. You can humbly learn from your mistakes and thrive in pursuit of solutions.

Need any more reasons to join us?

Not very many companies can say their first project was a life and death situation. Sentient Science Corporation started out over ten years ago working on a model to predict when the rotating motors on American Armed Forces helicopters would give out. From there, we took our theories, our processes and our solutions and applied them to wind turbines and clean energy. Whatever our next stop is, we guarantee it will be just as momentous!

Recognized by the White House in 2014 with the Tibbetts Award and Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers Award in 2016, we are far from sitting back and enjoying our success. Sentient Science engages more than a dozen PhDs as part of our well-funded R&D team. To date, one of our greatest accomplishments is being the first company to map the material genome. Our competition is years behind us and we are moving at a pace that suggests they aren’t going to catch us any time soon.

Sentient Science is a company that credits our collaborative, innovative and frankly brilliant teams with our success. We are the kind of company where your work makes a difference and serves a purpose bigger than ourselves. Right now, the work we are doing is helping make the world a better place. It’s technology with a purpose. If you want to be part of that, you are passionate and you think you might have the skills to contribute to our progress, send us your qualifications here and we promise to consider them. To keep up with what’s going on at Sentient, follow us on LinkedIn.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status or status as an individual with a disability.